• Meeting the Holy Place

    The one and only Jews nation, a country with strong religious belief. Israel is a developed country, contributed to the world in many fields. The most advanced companies, including Intel, Microsoft, HP, Google, established R&D center in Israel.

  • A Gift from God, the Dead Sea


    The dead sea water contains up to 21 types of minerals, and 12 unique minerals cannot be found anywhere else.

    These minerals are essential to human body and skin, it stimulates skin metabolism rate, healing problematic skin. The legendary Cleopatra from 2000 years ago, used to bath in the Dead Sea water, and cover the body with mud mask.

    And it made the overwhelming beauty of the Queen Cleopatra.

    MILENSEA combined the wisdom of the Jews and the advanced technologies from Israel, making various skin nourishing products with God given natural mineral ingredients.


  • All Started from
    Sulphur Soap

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    Sulphur Soap

    Since 1982

    MILENSEA co-founder, the king of soaps in Israel - Eli Segev, is unarguably the pioneer in developing Dead Sea cosmetics.

    2000 years ago, the Dead Sea salt and mud were famous around the region. But in the 1980’s, Eli was the first one who found and developed based on the natural sulphur ingredients from the Dead Sea.

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    The Dead Sea Cosmetics

    Given by Heaven and Earth

    “We are a nation with strong religious belief, we believe the nature has all energies required by human being. The so-called advanced technologies, the key is to uncover what’s already there given by nature. In the 34 years of developing Dead Sea cosmetics, we always listen to the heart, respect the nature, as we believe only God given natural elements can effectively heal and nourish.”

    Ran Segev

  • Healing Power

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    The natural sulphur from the Dead Sea, rich in 21 kind of minerals and natural elements, it is not harsh to the skin but can effectively balance the moisture, and heal problematic skin.

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    It contains many times of minerals compare to normal salt, when the Dead Sea salt works on the skin, the moisture will be extracted, and minerals are able to penetrate in deep layer, enhance skin radiance and making skin firm and smooth.

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    The mud under the Dead Sea has equality rich minerals, it enhance the skin appearance, improve dark skin, deep cleansing, and reduce wrinkles. The Dead Sea mud contains up to 60% of rare minerals, has effective results on balancing the skin moisture, rejuvenating skin cells and improve skin immune system as a whole.

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    The desert covered 2/3 territory in Israel, but it is green along the high way from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Advanced technologies such as dripping-irrigation and long sunshine time provide extremely developed modern agriculture with extremely scarce natural resources.

  • Natural Plant Extracts

    Olive Oil

    Avocado Oil

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Red Myrrh


    Jojoba Oil

    Polygonum Aviculare

    Aloe Kuraso




    Hazelnut Oil